About Us

How we got here.

At All Natural Essentials our vision is to bring our clients products that are made with safe, natural and effective ingredients, while improving the lives of the communities that make our ingredients. Our company was launched by Dorothy Menson in February 2018. Dorothy worked with many communities in Ghana (West Africa) on poverty relief projects before moving to the united States. Since then, she has worked in Corporate America for about 20 years primarily to improve and maintain the quality of products offered by organizations she worked for. Dorothy was inspired to launch All Natural Essentials after struggling with skin related issues. After years of using the usual prescriptions and over the counter solutions for her and her daughters’ acne, eczema, dry and sensitive skin problems, she found that applying natural remedies used in Ghana worked better for herself and her daughters. She realized that friends and neighbors she shared those remedies with found them effective and wanted regular supplies. This is how All Natural Essentials was born.

At All Natural Essentials, we care about both the safety of our clients as well as the well being of the communities that produce our ingredients. We are not only passionate about offering effective, natural skincare solutions from around the world. We also care about the safety of such products. We research each ingredient carefully and work with the source communities if necessary to improve the quality of the product before offering it to clients or using it in our formulations. We strive to find sources of ingredients from organizations that are owned/run by women as well as those that use natural resources responsibly.  We strongly believe in empowering women and communities to lift themselves out of poverty through business enterprise and education. Our goal is to start scholarship programs for children living below the poverty line in the communities we source our products by the February of 2019. Watch our blog for updates about this goal.

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